25 Centuries of Language Teaching; an Inquiry Into the by L. G. Kelly

By L. G. Kelly

This e-book offers a brand new place from which to view language educating. It does so by way of giving the 1st finished account of the starting place and improvement of the fundamental contributions to the sector. Professor's Kelly's discoveries dispel the tendency to think that groovy contributions to language instructing happened purely within the twentieth Century. His discoveries essentially convey that principles in language educating have complicated and retreated over approximately 2,000 years.

Beginning in 500 B.C. with the Roman fascination with Greek rhetoric, Professor Kelly systematically labored out his method via hundreds of thousands of references in lots of languages. Going deep into the roots of the topic, he exposed files of ancient breakthroughs, which he files the following for the 1st time in English. His examine unearths that a lot of our "modern" contributions are rather a long time previous.

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A noun in its absolute form cannot be the head of a genitive construction. Only inflected nouns can occupy this position, as shown in (113c) and (114c). (113) a. b. house-ABST ‗house‘ 47 c. NP etʃi-t NP house-POSS ‗NP‘s house‘ d. *NP otʃiŋo (‗NP‘ s house) (114) a. i-la-tʃi 3-mouth-POSS ‗his/her/its mouth‘ b. la-tʃi-ŋo mouth-POSS-ABST ‗mouth‘ c. NP la-tʃi NP mouth-POSS ‗NP‘s mouth‘ d. 1 Morphology of the absolute form As shown by the examples in (110) above, absolute morphology is indicated by a variety of combinations of prefixes and suffixes.

M. ‘ oboi-ŋo omoe-ŋo otʃi-ŋo omiat- oriŋgo- -itp-o -pugu-ŋo -pae-ŋo -pana-ŋo -tutu-ŋo -taginu-ŋo -kamborɯ-ŋo -ka-ŋo -aboi- -amoe-n -etʃi-t -emia-rɯ -eriŋgo-n i-itpɯ-n i-pu-n i-bae- i-bana-n i-tutu-n i-dagin-u i-kambo-rɯ i-ga-t Only the possessor is obligatorily not expressed. 1. 53 These affixes are called ―depossession‖ in Derbyshire‘s (1985: 203) description of Hixkaryana, a related language. 46 n. ‗food‘ o. ‗word‘ p. ‗beverage‘ -mɯdabiri-ŋo -worondu-ŋo -wogɯrɯ-ŋo i-mdabiri- a-worond-u a-wog-ɯrɯ The absolute form is characterized by two affixes: a prefix and a suffix.

In Appendix B, 52 complete paradigms of some possessed nouns are presented. , dual) shirts‘ ‗his/her own shirt‘ Table 2 shows my proposals for the underlying forms of the possessor prefixes. Phonological rules sometimes insert a vowel, coalesce vowels, and affect voicing, as discussed below. Table 2 Underlying forms of Possessor prefixes 1 2 3 1Incl. 3Refl Roots beginning with e or a io- Other roots ɯa- before several w-initial roots, e- before several w-initial roots i- elsewhere ugtɯ- The morphemes shown in Table 2 are also used on verbs to show the person of one of the core grammatical relations.

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