A city at the end of the world by Vincent Barrett Price

By Vincent Barrett Price

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In the 1980s Albuquerque became a "polynucleated city" with no central core, despite two decades of downtown renovation. " 15 The decade of the 1990s might turn out to be another major turning point. Albuquerque could continue to grow at a postwar pace, trashing its natural environment, leaving its past behind, and becoming once and for all a place-that-used-to-bea generic place with its New Mexican essence all but erased. It's not impossible, however, to foresee a combination of environmental limitations and economic uncertainty slowing down the pace of change and giving Albuquerque time to reconsider its future and perhaps move again toward the Pueblo virtues of respect and connectedness.

His portfolio of photographs in this volume gets, I think, to the ironic essence of Albuquerque's compelling character. I owe special thanks to Roland Dickey, Katherine Simons, John Cordova, Jim Rini, Richard Fox, Connie Adler, Judith Nelson, and the late Dudley Wynn for their wisdom and kindness over the many years I have worked on this project.  Sandia Peak from the Elena Gallegos open space area Page 3 Introduction The Value of Locality Variety means viability. In the broadest sense, that biological axiom applies as much to cities, and the cultures they nourish, as it does to the evolution of plants and animals.

These two factions came to loggerheads in the early 1970s and committed to full combat in 1974 when environmental planner and former city manager Herb Smith lost his campaign for mayor to Republican old-guard growth proponent Harry Kinneyan engineer at Sandia Laboratories. Three years later the two factions struggled again; this time the environmental side won the mayor's race when Kinney was defeated by Democrat David Rusk. Since 1960, with the commissioning of a federally funded comprehensive plan, a classic political dichotomy had been evolving in Albuquerque.

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