A Dictionary of Ecology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Michael Allaby

By Michael Allaby

From acid rain, CFC's, and the greenhouse impression to the food-chain and the gene financial institution, Oxford's completely revised Dictionary of Ecology, moment version presents 5,000 up to date entries on all elements of ecology and the environmental sciences. supplying direct entry to the main actual and updated details on hand, the dictionary covers an enormous diversity of matters, from plant and animal body structure, animal habit, evolution, environmental toxins, and conservation to climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, and oceanography. The Dictionary of Ecology, moment version, has been totally up-to-date to include advancements during this speedily evolving box, quite within the parts of molecular ecology, conservation, and the administration of habitats. additionally integrated are biographical notes on eminent ecologists and different scientists, in addition to beneficial cross-references that make this quantity a useful reference software for college students, pros, and an individual with an curiosity within the wildlife and our surroundings.

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30 albedo The proportion of *insolation that is reflected back from the Earth, from the tops of the clouds, and from the atmosphere, without heating the receiving surface. It averages about 30 per Cent, but varies widely according to the substance and texture of the surface, and the angle and wavelength of the incident radiation. The value for green grass and forest is 8-27 per cent (over 30 per cent for yellowing deciduous forest in autumn); for cities and rock surfaces 12-18 per cent (over 40 per cent for chalk and light-coloured rock and buildings); for sand up to 40 per cent; for fresh, fiat snow up to 90 per cent; and for calm water only 2 per cent in the case of vertically incident radiation but up to 78 per cent where there is a low angle of incidence.

A diploid state is written as 2n to distinguish it from the *haploid state of n. Almost all animal cells (except *gametes) are diploid. diploidy The *diploid condition. e. g. a molecule with an uneven charge distribution, one pole having a net negative charge, the other a net positive charge). dipole field The field that results from the presence of two oppositely polarized magnetic poles. The term is usually applied to the geomagnetic dipole field or that associated with a magnetic anomaly. dipole moment See POLAR MOLECULE.

G. the fiatworm Amphiscolops, sea anemones, and corals) with which they exchange nutrients. Some are colonial There are many species. dioecious Possessing male and female flowers or other reproductive organs on separate, unisexual, individual plants. Compare MONOECIOUS. dioestrus The period between two *oestrus cycles in a female mammal. dioxin A member of a range of about 300 compounds produced as by-products of certain industrial chemical processes and also by the incomplete incineration 33 34  < previous page < previous page page_122 page_123 next page > next page > Page 123 of chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds, especially *polychlorinated biphenyls, when the incineration temperature is lower than about 1200ºC.

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