Adaptive Responses of Native Amazonians, Edition: First by Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers (Auth.)

By Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers (Auth.)

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When I asked men why they planted such a diversity, I got similar replies. " This is a better answer than it appears at first, because the Machiguenga do enjoy diversity for its own sake. " Differences in taste are taken as part of the variety of life, and a Machiguenga would not disdain to eat any variety of manioc that was available. MAIZE After manioc, the most important crop to the Machiguenga is maize {Zea mays), shinki, which is also a crop grown by males. It is the predominant crop in new gardens, accounting for more than half of all crops planted there (manioc is another third of the plants, so manioc and maize together constitute about 85% of all plants in a first-year garden).

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